Announcing The Palgrave Handbook of Management History

Tacitus Forum is proud to partner with Springer-Nature to launch The Palgrave Handbook of Management History

“The most comprehensive and in-depth examination of its subject matter in the market place.”

Spanning 63 chapters – authored by 27 of the world’s leading management and business thinkers – the Handbook explores virtually every aspect of management globally as well as across millennia.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2019-20 and its associated global economic collapse has bluntly revealed that decision makers everywhere are ill-equipped to identify the innovative capacities of modern societies and, in particular, deploy managers to harness such capabilities. Getting the problem of management right is a voyage to the heart of human experience. Indeed, the perennial questions that haunt our existence almost invariably prompt answers that invoke conceptions of work, transformative effort and realisation of ideas. One way or another, all such endeavour requires management. It is often overlooked that more than any other discipline, management history brings into focus humanity’s most pressing questions. At the time of writing, these queries come with a disquieting urgency. What is management? How do its modern methods differ from those in pre-industrial societies? How does the management that emerged in Western Europe and North America in the nineteenth century differ from forms practiced in the twentieth? In what ways do Asian, African and South American societies have distinctive managerial philosophies? Perhaps most importantly, what don’t we know or don’t do very well?

Download the following 3 chapters of The Palgrave Handbook of Management History for FREE

Preface and Table of Contents

·    Management History in the Modern World: An Overview

·    Chandler and the Visible Hand of Management

·    Conflicting Visions: A Recap About the Debates Within Management History  

To purchase the complete Handbook go to The Palgrave Handbook of Management History.

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